Christmas Opening Hours

Friday 17th 12.30pm – 1am
Saturday 18th 12.30pm – 1am
Sunday 19th 12.30pm – Midnight
Monday 20th 12.30pm – Midnight
Tuesday 21st 12.30pm – Midnight
Wednesday 22nd 12.30pm – Midnight
Thursday 23rd 12.30pm – Midnight
Christmas Eve 12.30pm – Midnight
Christmas Day – CLOSED
Boxing Day 12.30pm – 1am
Monday 27th 12.30pm – 1am
Tuesday 28th 12.30pm – 1am
Wednesday 29th 12.30pm – 1am
Thursday 30th 12.30pm – 1am
New Years Eve 12.30pm – 1am
New Years Day 12.30pm – 1am
Sunday 2nd 12.30pm – Midnight
Monday 3rd 12.30pm – Midnight


Friday 17th 12.30pm – 1am
Saturday 18th 2.00pm – 1am
Sunday 19th 2.00pm – Midnight
Monday 20th 5.00pm – Midnight
Tuesday 21st 5.00pm – Midnight
Wednesday 22nd 4.00pm – Midnight
Thursday 23rd 4.00pm – Midnight
Friday 24th 2.00pm – Midnight
Saturday 25th CLOSED
Sunday 26th 2.00pm – 1am
Monday 27th 4.00pm – 1am
Tuesday 28th 4.00pm – 1am
Wednesday 29th 4.00pm – 1am
Thursday 30th 4.00pm – 1am
Friday 31st 4.00pm – 1am
Saturday 1st 2.00pm – 1am
Sunday 2nd 2.00pm = Midnight
Monday 3rd 5.00pm – Midnight


Statement from The Errigle Inn


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff and customers for their support. 

After careful consideration we will be closing from 10:30pm Tuesday 22nd December 2020 or sooner if instructed to do so by the executive. 

Our priority this year has been to create a safe environment for our staff and customers. We have invested heavily in our building, practices and procedures to achieve this. This is about protecting our health service. The NHS is under increasing pressures and we feel the time has come to make a decision.

We believe that everyone must play their part to reduce the risk, reduce the spread and most importantly reduce the pressure on the NHS. 

Please have a safe Christmas and we look forward to welcoming you back in the new year.


COVID Restrictions

Please help us to comply with Government Legislation

  • No more than six people from two households sitting at the same table.
  • Face Coverings MUST BE WORN to enter and leave the building and for any movement inside
  • To assist with contact tracing, we require contact details for every customer.
  • Every customer must consume a Main Meal.

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Opening Hours

  • Sun 12.30pm – 10pm
  • Mon – Sat 12pm – 10.30pm

Food Served

  • Sun 12.30pm – 9.00pm
  • Mon – Sat 12pm – 9.00pm

Thank You