Off-Licence Offers

Beer Selection Box
6 Beers from local breweries plus a few extras
Normal Price £25 / Errigle Plus price £20

Erdinger Snowbeer 3-Pack
3 x 500ml Bottles for £7.99

Tuath Irish Whiskey Glass
Normal Price £9.95 / Errigle Plus price £7.95

Get 2 FREE Tuath Irish Whiskey Glasses
When you purchase a bottle of Errigle x Dunville’s 13yr Single Malt Sherry Cask

Miniature Spirits for Stocking Fillers
Chambord Raspberry Liqueur £3.99
Baileys Irish Cream £2.25
Grey Goose Vodka £7.50
Pogues Irish Whiskey £3.75

Gift Cards available
Ask behind the bar


Christmas Entertainment

Something for everyone this Christmas. Quizzes, Comedy, Live Music and more.

Boxing Day

The Big Quiz of 2023
1st Prize – £100 Errigle Voucher
2nd Prize – £25 Errigle Voucher
Arbele Lounge | from 9.45pm | £3 per person

Thursday 28th

Paddy McDonnell‘s Christmas Special 𝙎𝙊𝙇𝘿 𝙊𝙐𝙏

Friday 29th

Christmassy Funk n Disorderly
Tickets £6 | Doors 9pm

Saturday 30th

Chris Taplin Blues Band
Tickets £6 | Doors 9pm

New Years Eve Hootenanny

with Mothers Little Helpers
Live Music in Arbele Lounge
Tickets Online £15 | Doors 9pm

Limited Edition Túath Irish Whiskey glass

The TÚATH from the old Irish for family or nation, is a conical shaped nosing and tasting glass for whiskey that functions superbly by concentrating & capturing all the aromas and flavours that make Irish Whiskey unique.

The TÚATH is the perfect vessel for our 13yr Cask Single Malt collaboration with Dunville’s Irish Whiskey.

The limited edition Errigle x Túath glass is available to purchase and take home. Each glass comes with a gift box.

Errigle Plus Price: £7.95

Normal Price: £9.95


There’s science behind this glass……

Smell: Aroma is a very important part of the experience of a whiskey, traditional wide brimmed tumblers cause aromas to diffuse too widely, tulip shaped nosing glasses narrowly concentrate of all the vapours and can cause ethanol to punch into the eyes and nose. The conical shape of the Túath concentrates the vapours while its slightly wider opening and flared top let more of the alcohol vapours flow out, allowing you to nose the centre of the glass without alcohol burn, and the whiskey to express its hidden aromas and flavours.

Colour: Blenders and connoisseurs like a stemmed glass which allows for the inspection of the spirits colour without marking and clouding the view of the bowl with fingerprints. The Túath achieves this with its iconic short stem allowing for swirling, viewing and nosing.

Touch: The Túath’s stem provides a secure anchor for the thumb, and either left or right handed users can safely swirl and nose the whiskey, while the larger chamber and wider aperture allow the drinker to retain eye contact by not having to tilt their head back so far.

Taste: The larger chamber of The Túath allows whiskey drinkers to move seamlessly from a tasting experience to a drinking experience. The fine rim of the Túath glass elegantly sits on the surface of the lip while also allowing the alcohol vapours to escape away from the mouth enhancing the taste of the whiskey.


Wine and Cheese | Indie Füde x Errigle Inn

Wine & Cheese Tasting 🧀

@indiefude x @errigleinn

On Thursday 25th January The Errigle Inn and Indie Füde bring you a special evening of Wine & Cheese pairings.

Guided talk on local cheeses paired with wines from our collection.

A brilliant night in the Marble Lounge not to be missed.

Tickets £25 and available online

Christmas in the Oak Lounge

Thursday 21st December 5pm – 1am
Friday 22nd December 1pm – 1am
Saturday 23rd December 12pm – 1am
Christmas Eve 12.30pm – Midnight
Christmas Day CLOSED
Boxing Day 12pm – 1am
Wednesday 27th December 3pm – 1am
Thursday 28th December 3pm – 1am
Friday 29th December 3pm – 1am
Saturday 30th December 2pm – 1am
New Years Eve 2pm – 1am
New Years Day 12pm – Midnight


Christmas Opening Hours


Thursday 21st 12pm – 1am
Friday 22nd 12pm – 1am
Saturday 23rd 11.30am – 1am
Christmas Eve 12.30pm – Midnight
Christmas Day – CLOSED
Boxing Day 12pm – 1am
Wednesday 27th 12pm – 1am
Thursday 28th 12pm – 1am
Friday 29th 12pm – 1am
Saturday 30th 11.30am – 1am
New Years Eve 12.30pm – 1am
New Years Day 12pm – Midnight