NEW WHISKEY: Gold Spot Generations Edition

The latest addition to the Gold Spot’s series is a thirteen-year aged whiskey, once again championing the use of wine casks in whiskey, transcending tradition, and demonstrating the harmonisation of heritage and innovation. The extraordinary expression marries Gold Spot’s established use of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, with a unique maturation in Valpolicella Riciotto Italian wine casks for 16 months. This final maturation elevates Gold Spot’s subtle spice notes, with the red wine adding layers of dark fruits, berry compote and creating a softly textured sweetness, finishing with a touch of oak and sweet wine. This special whiskey, the perfect balance between Irish whiskey and Italian wine, celebrates the exceptional story of seven generations of the Mitchell family, guardians of Spot Whiskey and one of Ireland’s premier wine families.

Gold Spot – Generations Edition

13 yo Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey



Born Irish


Born Irish is a whiskey spirit drink at its darkest. We begin with a blend of malt and grain Irish Whiskey mellowed in deep-charred oak barrels for a smooth creamy taste. Next it is finished in Irish stout casks before it is naturally darkened with infusions of rich chocolate malt and roasted barley. Think of it as a unique tasting celebration of Ireland’s two greatest exports – Whiskey & Stout.

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Limited Edition Túath Irish Whiskey glass

The TÚATH from the old Irish for family or nation, is a conical shaped nosing and tasting glass for whiskey that functions superbly by concentrating & capturing all the aromas and flavours that make Irish Whiskey unique.

The TÚATH is the perfect vessel for our 13yr Cask Single Malt collaboration with Dunville’s Irish Whiskey.

The limited edition Errigle x Túath glass is available to purchase and take home. Each glass comes with a gift box.

Errigle Plus Price: £7.95

Normal Price: £9.95


There’s science behind this glass……

Smell: Aroma is a very important part of the experience of a whiskey, traditional wide brimmed tumblers cause aromas to diffuse too widely, tulip shaped nosing glasses narrowly concentrate of all the vapours and can cause ethanol to punch into the eyes and nose. The conical shape of the Túath concentrates the vapours while its slightly wider opening and flared top let more of the alcohol vapours flow out, allowing you to nose the centre of the glass without alcohol burn, and the whiskey to express its hidden aromas and flavours.

Colour: Blenders and connoisseurs like a stemmed glass which allows for the inspection of the spirits colour without marking and clouding the view of the bowl with fingerprints. The Túath achieves this with its iconic short stem allowing for swirling, viewing and nosing.

Touch: The Túath’s stem provides a secure anchor for the thumb, and either left or right handed users can safely swirl and nose the whiskey, while the larger chamber and wider aperture allow the drinker to retain eye contact by not having to tilt their head back so far.

Taste: The larger chamber of The Túath allows whiskey drinkers to move seamlessly from a tasting experience to a drinking experience. The fine rim of the Túath glass elegantly sits on the surface of the lip while also allowing the alcohol vapours to escape away from the mouth enhancing the taste of the whiskey.


Introducing something very special…

Dunville’s x Errigle Inn
PX Sherry Cask / 55.7%
Single Malt Irish Whiskey
Aged 13 years


Enjoy The Spirit of Belfast at The Errigle Inn with exclusive release from Dunville’s Irish Whiskey

Dunville’s has collaborated with The Errigle Inn to release cask 1541 – a single cask bottling of 13 year old Irish Single Malt Whiskey with an exceptional Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask finish. Cask 1541 was selected personally by Phil McGurran of The Errigle Inn and bottled at cask strength for the best possible quality and flavour.

275 bottles at cask strength 55.7% abv will be available exclusively from The Errigle Inn on Saturday 25 November 2023 at a special introductory price of £150 per bottle (normal price £195).

Jarlath Watson from Dunville’s Irish Whiskey and The Echlinville Distillery, said: “The Errigle Inn is one of Belfast’s oldest and best-known bars and is full of history, tradition and character. It is a proud part of city’s heritage and has stood the test of time, just like Dunville’s Irish Whiskey. It makes perfect sense for us to collaborate with Philip and his team this exclusive single cask from The Spirit of Belfast.

“With notes of ripe orchard fruits, stewed pears, dark stone fruits, spiced apple strudel and candied orange peel, cask 1541 boasts the big hitting PX sherry cask flavours that Dunville’s fans know and love, and the quality that they expect. The Single Cask Series is all about exceptional whiskey without compromise, with each cask selected from among the finest in our warehouses. Cask 1541 is a worthy addition to the series and will be right at home at The Errigle Inn.”

Phil McGurran from The Errigle Inn said:  “We have been really excited to work with the team at The Echlinville Distillery and Dunvilles Irish Whiskey to produce this fine whiskey.  My father Philip G McGurran was approaching his 80th Birthday and we wanted to mark the occasion with a fitting tribute to his many years running The Errigle Inn, and his dedication to the licensed industry.

“I know he is fond of a good whiskey and when asked what he would like for any special occasion he confirmed this.  He was really pleased and impressed with the whiskey when we presented it on the day of his 80th birthday.  I know that our customers will love this quality whiskey.  We will take great pride to work with Dunvilles here at The Errigle Inn with this exceptional single cask release.”



The Errigle Inn and Off License is located at 312-320 Ormeau Road, Belfast.
For more information contact The Errigle Inn on +44 (0)28 90641410 or email

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